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How to Find an Emergency Dentist on Short Notice

September 21, 2023

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A woman getting treatment from an emergency dentist

If you suddenly have a dental emergency, time is of the essence. Getting quick treatment is crucial – you’ll have severe health issues otherwise. That said, you may have trouble finding an emergency dentist on short notice. You might even feel panicked and not know what to do. Well, don’t worry too much; your New Braunfels dental practice can help you. Here are three great tricks that can help you find an emergency dentist quickly.

Do a Quick Internet Search

The Internet doesn’t always provide reliable information, but it’s still useful. So, conduct a quick web search for emergency dentists in your area. You should find a suitable one after screening the results and checking online reviews.

During the screening process, make sure you look for the following:

  • Whether the dentist offers same-day appointments
  • Any after-hours phone number you’re allowed to call
  • A special e-mail address you can use as another way to reach out
  • Details on the practice’s typical response time to emergencies

Call a Dentist Ahead of Time

While some dentists welcome walk-in patients, call your preferred one beforehand. Doing so will help them expect your arrival and prepare accordingly. From there, you’ll likely have a reduced wait time and get needed care faster.

Also, calling ahead is still ideal if your emergency is outside regular business hours. The dental team could still pick up and set an appointment for you. Even if they can’t, their voicemail may include emergency instructions or provide a phone number for an on-call emergency dentist.

Try to Minimize Your Problem

If possible, ask your dentist over the phone about how you can ensure successful treatment. They’ll likely give you measures you can take before your appointment.

Based on your situation, these precautionary measures can vary. They might have you control bleeding by placing gauze over the affected area. On the other hand, you may work to preserve a tooth that has been knocked out. You could also use a saltwater rinse to manage and reduce an oral infection.

By using the tricks above, finding an emergency dentist won’t take you long. You can then rest assured that your smile will get the help it needs!

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