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What Is IV Sedation, and Could it Help Me?

March 3, 2023

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patient receiving IV sedation

As any dentist will tell you, there’s no shortage of patients who have anxiety about spending time in the dentist’s office. Whether you’ve had a bad experience in the past or just generally don’t do well around medical instruments, you’ll find that most dentists you’ll meet will have the tools necessary to help you.

Sedation dentistry in particular can be really effective in helping anxious patients feel at ease. One of the more powerful methods is IV sedation, which can be incredibly useful for certain patients. Here’s some more information about this particular method of sedation dentistry.

What Is IV Sedation Dentistry?

As you may have gathered, IV sedation is a method of conscious sedation where your dentist administers powerful drugs intravenously, i.e., into your veins. IV sedation keeps you conscious for the duration of the procedure but makes you substantially less aware of your surroundings. That means you’ll be at ease, but can still respond to nudges and commands.

Who Is IV Sedation Good For?

Your dentist has many sedation options at their disposal, including nitrous oxide gas and some drugs administered orally. Among them, IV sedation is the strongest method your dentist can use while still keeping you conscious.

For that reason, IV sedation is mostly used for patients who have severe dental anxiety, who have a strong gag reflex, or who are preparing to undergo more involved dental procedures. Of course, IV sedation is available to anyone who thinks they may need it, though you’d have to find someone with the qualifications to administer it.

How to Prepare for Receiving IV Sedation

If you’re getting IV sedation, your dentist will probably give you specific recommendations to keep in mind before your treatment, which may include wearing comfortable clothes and avoiding food for 6-8 hours before the procedure. You may also have to stop using certain medications that conflict with the IV sedative.

After the procedure, you’ll likely feel drowsy for several hours, meaning that you’ll need a ride home from the dentist’s office. You should plan to avoid any strenuous activity for 24 hours after the treatment, and refrain from drinking or operating heavy machinery.

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